• Focused breakout tracks

    Choose from 500+ sessions covering the latest transformational technologies and IT discoveries. Customize your learning experience by selecting from distinct breakout tracks focused on today’s most important topics in transformation.


    Learn practical skills and steps to solve your unique technical challenges and maximize your IT investment. Our Technology track covers 400+ topics at all levels of technical competency, from beginner to advanced. All sessions are facilitated by subject matter experts from Dell Technologies.

    This track is for: IT Practitioners, Managers, Administrators, Architects

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    Realize industry insights, macro trends and prevailing strategies you need to adopt to succeed in the new digital era. Our IT Leadership Track covers 40+ topics that offer solutions to your biggest challenges in digital transformation. All sessions are facilitated by Dell Technologies leaders and visionaries.

    This track is for: IT Decision Makers, Directors, Senior Architects, Executives, Consultants

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    Learn new methodologies to better manage your cloud-native infrastructure, design patterns like Microservices and the 12-Factor, and organizational best practices like Agile and DevOps. Our Code and modern ops track covers 30+ in-depth topics to meet your transformation needs.

    This track is for: Coders, App Owners, Infrastructure Admins

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    Technical breakouts


    Technology is changing at a phenomenal rate and todays IT has to adapt as rapidly as technology changes. Explore how Dell EMC is enabling IT Transformation across all facets of IT and the business.

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    Time is of the essence and application performance is critical in today’s fast paced world. Explore the broad range of Dell EMC Flash solutions that ensure you deliver when time matters.

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    Explore the latest in Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solutions that help you take the guesswork and time out of new technology deployments and focus more on innovation.

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    Server solutions deliver applications and applications deliver business value. See how Dell PowerEdge is delivering innovation that drives results without the complexity.

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    Whether on premise or off premise, Cloud solutions are driving IT Transformation. Explore what Dell EMC Cloud solutions can do for you.

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    What can your data tell you? Explore how Dell EMC solutions help you unlock your data and turn it into actionable insights without the complexity.

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    Data is the lifeblood of every organization big or small and ensuring that data is protected is of the utmost importance. From the data center to the cloud, Dell EMC data protection solutions deliver the protection you need.

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